Die Chance Berufsausbildung
  • We fund low-income families as well as supporting them with goods for their daily lives.
  • We support young people with a monthly financial contribution that they can learn a profession.
  • Nevertheless, we also promote social centres which provide, due to our help, hundreds of families with sanitary products, swaddling clothes, baby food as well as medicine.
  • Another aspect is to maintain soup kitchens because the amount of unemployed and homeless people is rising steadily.
  • Furthermore, we also foster hospitals and clinics providing medical expendable materials.


Fund-raising campaigns

  • Grecolino-sponsorships

Every year we are searching for godparents that we can put a smile on children’s faces by giving them a teddy bear or something like that on Christmas day.

  • Hygiene bags

Due to the fact that hygiene bags are partly high priced goods in Greece we provide families with articles like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and swaddling clothes.

  • Supplying warmness

Every autumn we distribute sleeping bags to homeless people. In recent years we could manage to provide more than 500 sleeping bags to people in time of need. This was only possible with the great help of our donators.

  • School things

Unfortunately, many families are not able to provide their children the basic equipment for school. Therefore, we deliver books, school bags, pencils and so on before the new school year is going to start.


The projects are steadily evaluated and also proofed concerning the ethical accuracy. We assure that our native assistants make sure that all the materials arrive on target.

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