A country is in need of our humanitarian aid

Due to the economic crisis and the Covid-19-pandemic many Greeks are facing unemployment. Griechenlandhilfe aims to give support by regularly delivering medical goods and supplies to Greek hospitals and social surgeries. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters tons of auxiliary (medical) goods have already been delivered to hospitals, childcare institutions and social facilities. Due to the precarious situation in Greece we are continuously confronted with new projects and challenges.

Griechenlandhilfe is fully committed to Greek people in need and struggles with all vigor to ensure the human rights for the poorest. After all securing human subsistence also means right to food, water, housing, health and social stability. However our team of volunteers aims to give unbureaucratic and specific help that safely reaches its point of use. We support hospitals and social centers as well as orphanages and homes for disabled people.

Griechenlandhilfe is an Austrian non-profit organisation founded in autumn 2012 by Erwin Schrümpf. The association purchases charitable purposes by alleviating as far as possible unbearable conditions in the Greek social and health care system.

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