The financial crisis as well as the pandemic in Greece means also that people cannot afford an adequate health care. There is a high rate of unemployment and after a year of joblessness the unemployment benefit is going to be adjusted immediately. Only a small amount of social benefit is required. Those people neither are able to achieve medical care nor to purchase food or groceries. Another problem are hospitals because of certain saving programs. This means not even the basic equipment for the health professionals is available.

This kind of sad fact happens in front of our eyes – not to forget that Greece is part of the European Uninon… The main goal of our association “Griechenlandhilfe” is to provide humanitarian help so that those unendurable conditions get eased. We do not want to accept the fact that in wealthy Europe people who got through no fault of one’s own into trouble that these basic rights are suddenly voided.
Griechenlandhilfe stands for the protection of human rights even for the poorest of the poor – the right to be provided with food, water, shelter, health and social security.

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