Die Chance Berufsausbildung

The sudden death of her husband brought Anna to the edge of excistence. Due to our support it's possible for her to complete her training for nurses.

If there is a lack of money for daily life, a dignified education usually falls by the wayside. More and more children are growing up with single mothers or in families hit hard by unemployment due to the ongoing crisis. These families are not able to bear additional costs for a good education or to get a good Internet connection for the children.

Financially disadvantaged children then hardly make it to the top – low qualifications, unemployment and poverty threaten

This is where we come in with our help. With a scholarship, we support young Greeks who would not be able to finance their education without our help. Because a solid vocational training gives a positive perspective for the future.


What effect do your donations have?

40,- EUR cover the costs of a good Internet connection for one student per month

90,- EUR is enough for the equipment for one student per school year

150,- EUR cover the basic costs for additional training measures per month

350,- EUR funds the scholarship for students for 1 month

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